A Balanced Budget

One of the most disturbing issues of our time, is our out of control budget and our ever increasing national debt.  While both parties may disagree on cutting/raising taxes, neither seem willing to curtail national spending.  Ask the average congressmen or senator, "how many agencies and departments are part of the federal government?", and you're likely to get half a dozen different answers.  In fact, multiple departments within the fed have tried to ascertain how many departments and agencies exist, and there are as many as 6 different answers, ranging from as few as 89 or as many as 316. As a result, our budget continues to grow year after year and inflation continues to impact middle and lower class families all over the nation. Why?  Because beyond tax revenue and borrowing money from China and other countries, we have to print money to cover our expenses. Every time we borrow and fire up the printing press, we devalue our currency. This creates a "hidden tax", that slowly makes life more expensive for the average American, especially given several decades of stagnant wage growth.  

There is a solution.  We need to come to terms with the fact that the Federal Government is too big, does too many things ineffectively, and costs too much money to sustain.  Real cuts to government structure are needed to bring us back within the "black" of our ledger.  This doesn't necessarily mean sequestration.  What it means is dissolving dozens of government programs, departments and agencies across the board.  Not all at once, but gradually.  It means cutting entitlements, restructuring Social Security, reducing the size of our 800 military bases in over 80 different countries (this accounts for about $100 billion a year), ending wars in over half a dozen countries, ending the war on drugs and reducing the size of the prison state, and many other ways we wantonly waste our nation's wealth. Once again, not all at once, but gradually.   

In all, the Federal Government needs to shrink its balance sheet by about 25-50%, and focus on handling only those responsibilities enumerated in our constitution.  By shrinking the federal budget by 5% yearly, we can see a reduction in spending by 50% in 13 years.  The slow, gradual reduction in spending will allow time for the job market and economy to adjust.  Overall, this will allow the economy to be more productive, as less of the overall workforce will be devoted to government bloat.  Furthermore, it will strengthen our national security, as our nation will be more financially secure and less reliant on foreign countries to be the financiers of our irresponsible spending.  

As your congressman, I will never vote for an appropriations bill that increases spending or increases the debt limit.  Its time to stop feeding the monster that is our government.