How Do We Solve the Student Debt Crisis?

There are a few main culprits in regards to who or what is responsible for the abnormally high cost of a college education. Due to decades of government interference from the GI Bill to the federal student loan program, the federal government has artificially inflated demand, and has eliminated almost all downward pressure on the cost of tuition. Couple that with the ballooning cost of administrative bloat stemming from regulatory compliance, and what results is our current student debt disaster. 

Put simply, the goal is to reduce the cost of a higher education so that students never have to incur debt to pay their tuition. To do that, the federal government needs to roll back and eventually eliminate the federal student loan program, reduce k-12 interference via the Dept. of Education, and do it's part to reduce the administrative bloat they are in part responsible for. 

These policy changes are aimed at reducing the artificially high demand college's are experiencing today, and in doing so, reduce the overall cost. The aim, is to get back to a point where a student can work a summer/part time job to pay for their degree.