The FISA Reauthorization

In a largely unchallenged vote, the House and Senate voted to massively expand the unconstitutional FISA program.  Instead of requiring national security or terrorism as a criteria to violate your 4th Amendment rights, it is now possible for the FBI, CIA and other security agencies to search everything you own (both physical and digital) if you are suspected of committing a crime involving severe bodily harm, death, crimes against a minor, computer related crimes, anything damaging infrastructure (both physical and digital), damaging anything related to public health, the economy or security AND all of this can be done on accusation alone via the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  If Jeff Sessions accuses someone of one of the above, his word is final, and no judicial review is allowed.  

The 4th Amendment has been erased from the Constitution, without actually amending the Constitution.  

AMA Episode 2: Educational Failure?

In this episode, I answer a question regarding the education systems difficulty in producing self motivated, creative and independently thinking graduates.  


We are seeing the loss of expectations for children, and with that a loss in the growth and maturity they need to develop in order to succeed. What should be done to redevelop that mindset in parents and gov, since parents are more and more relying on schools and programs to raise their kids? How do we counter the trend of failure to launch and laziness, lack of realistic planning skills and self-actualization, where the people bogging down society aren't our kids, under our control? Is big gov the only answer to widespread parental failure?

Ask Me Anything Videocast

Over the next several weeks, I will be doing a video cast series where I answer your questions about my political stances/solutions to issues our country is facing today.  As I continue to get more questions, I will continue to do more videos.  

So, if you are suddenly inspired with a burning question, never fear!  For it is not too late.  Simply use my contact page and ask away!