How Will I Vote?


For every bill that hits the house floor, I will ask 3 questions: 

1) Is it constitutional? If its not within Section 8 of the Constitution, or if it violates one of the constitutional amendments, I will always vote no.   

2) Will it increase the size/power of the federal government? If it increases the power or size of the federal government, I will always vote no.  There are more departments and agencies than we can count, and the government is already operating outside of its constitutional bounds.  Its time to shrink it, not grow it.  

3) Will it increase the budget of the federal government?  If any bill increases federal spending, it will always receive a no vote.  We are already $20 trillion in debt, and that debt is dragging down our economy and putting our national security at risk.  What's worse, is every budget proposal currently being discussed, balloons our deficit to greater than $1 trillion.  We are going in the opposite direction.  If a department or program needs more money, another non-essential program or agency will need to shrink.  No more debt ceiling increases, no more budget increases.