Military Expenditures


Currently the United States is on pace to spend over $700 billion on our military, which is more money than the next 13 countries combined.  Even if we cut our budget by 1/2, we would still be spending billions more than the next closest country, China.  Much of what we see in the military budget is ‘sustaining the military industrial base’, meaning we are spending money to keep the profits coming for weapons manufacturing.  Currently the government is purchasing tanks, drones, planes, etc. that the military has repeatedly said they neither want, need, nor have a place to store them.  Meanwhile, congress continues to appropriate money for these unwanted military expenditures. 

The United States also has as many as 800 military bases, in as many as 80 different countries, with U.S. military personnel in over 160 countries.  It is funding wars in South America, the Middle East and Africa, and is even covering the expenses for maintaining and upgrading private weapons manufacturing facilities. It’s safe to say that there is plenty of room to cut, without weakening our abilities to protect our country both at home and abroad, or without having a negative impact on our soldiers and their families.  

This is why I would like to see an initial cut of 20% to the total NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), with the ability to cut further based on the advice of our nation's military leaders.  The money saved would go into decreasing our national debt, and future cuts to federal taxes, which would strengthen the United State's economic standing globally.